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Ten tips from Canada’s privacy commissioner to prevent employee data snooping

Six years ago a bank employee was caught going through the financial records of another staff member who was in a relationship with her ex-husband. The spying had been going on for four years. The federal privacy commissioner, who has dealt with several privacy complaints, suggested 10 ways employers can prevent staff spying on personal data. [READ MORE]  

Staff have privacy rights even if company provides devices, CPOs told

“I would be cautious about using all kinds of fun and highly efficient but intrusive technologies to monitor your workers’ productivity,” Emma Phillips, a partner at the Goldblatt Partners LLP law firm and speaker at the Privacy Law Forum 2016, told chief privacy officers in Toronto on Thursday. [READ MORE]  

Federal privacy commissioner will watch threat information sharing, says official

Canada’s new Digital Privacy Act — which was passed last summer– might appear to offer some protection. It protects the disclosure of personal information to another organization if it is for the purposes of investigating a breach of an agreement or a contravention of the laws of Canada, or to detect, suppress and preventing fraud. Our Privacy Law Forum 2016 speaker, Vance Lockton warned CISOs on Wednesday such information disclosures will be watched carefully. [READ ON]

Telus chief data and trust officer: why organizational culture is critical for successful data governance

“My role is completely focused on earning and maintaining our customers’ trust when it comes to their data, including personal information” Pam Snively, Telus chief data and trust officer & Privacy Law 2016 Chair


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If you’re a privacy compliance or information security professional, 2015 was probably a tumultuous year. It brought us the class action against Target for its 2013 payment card hacking incident, the breach and release of Ashley Madison customer data, & countless other threats to privacy. 2016 is the year to address both privacy and security concerns, learn what it takes to establish breach readiness in today’s climate, brush up on the compliance, enforcement, and evolution of CASL, and keep abreast of class action lawsuits based on the privacy tort of intrusion upon seclusion.