Join leaders from industry, government and the legal community to discuss fast-moving
trends, new legislations and winning practices for safeguarding your organization against
the devastating consequences of a privacy breach

Join us for The Canadian Institute’s 13th Annual Privacy Law & Compliance Forum, and you will:

  • Benefit from a program that is tailored to address both
    privacy and security concerns, designed to include
    separate, concurrent streams for privacy compliance and
    information security professionals
  • Hear directly from the federal and provincial levels of
    government on new privacy priorities in Canada, strategies
    for avoiding complaints with the Office of the Information
    and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, and clarification on
    the changes to PIPEDA
  • Discover practical solutions on safeguarding data and
    establishing appropriate breach response protocol in your
  • Understand what it takes to establish breach readiness in
    today’s climate, including an appropriate breach response
    protocol in your organization
  • Learn about the compliance, enforcement, and evolution
    of CASL
  • Discuss the challenges and threats posed by big data and
    the internet of things, transfers of personal information to
    third party processors, and cross-border data flow
  • Explore the new models of accountability and data
    governance in the changing world of Big Data
  • Keep abreast of class action lawsuits based on the privacy
    tort of intrusion upon seclusion
  • Ensure best practices by building a privacy policy that is
    compliant and accessible
  • Examine privacy in the workplace, including limitations on
    employee privacy rights and the use of technology in the

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