Alberta’s electricity sector is leading the way toward renewable energy development.

A unique market structure and deregulated electricity sector is providing exciting opportunities and a competitive advantage for investment. How will these changes in the market effect regulatory policy and customer behaviour?

Join our engaging faculty of speakers at the 9th Annual Alberta Power Symposium to assess developments in the power sector, address challenges and highlight areas of growth.

As the province moves forward from the impacts of COVID-19, learn about recovery plans for the energy-only market, discover how corporate PPA’s are driving economic growth, and address questions on how to achieve emissions targets and develop affordable energy in Alberta.

Highlights from this year’s program include:

  • Plans to achieve targets in the Renewable Electricity Act and strategies to incorporate renewables into the grid
  • Major new renewable energy investments with Amazon, Labatt’s, Shell, RBC, TC Energy and more
  • Exploring the role of hydrogen and plans for a hydrogen power hub
  • Evaluating federal funding for carbon capture solutions and opportunities for commercial use
  • Current advancements in small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) as a viable source of low-carbon energy
  • Innovative energy storage technologies as the key to renewables

This is your opportunity to engage with the major stakeholders in the power industry to address the evolving challenges facing this sector.

Speaker Name

Breanne Fox

Director, Commercial Management & Carbon Technologies
Capital Power

Speaker Name

Sharleen Gatcha

Vice President, Business Development
Hardline Engineering Ltd.
Founder & CEO

Speaker Name

Jeanie Chin

Supervising Engineer, HVDC & FACTS

Speaker Name

Renee Hjorth

Commercial Manager, Commercial Management, Canada West
Capital Power

Speaker Name

Rebecca Nadel

Business Renewables Centre Canada

Speaker Name

Aïda Nciri

Manager, Policy & Research

Interested in viewing the virtual conference from September 2020?

If you weren’t able to attend the 8th Annual Alberta Power Symposium, in a virtual format, you can still purchase the recordings and catch-up on critical information on your own schedule. Access information delivered by our esteemed speakers as you would at an onsite event.

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Who Attends

Engage with experts in:

  • Power generation and transmission
  • Renewables and sustainability
  • System operations
  • Energy conservation
  • Corporate affairs
  • Forecasting
  • Indigenous Affairs
  • Market analysis
  • Market and resource development
  • Operations
  • Power Supply
  • Policy advising
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Sustainability
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Strategic planning


  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Utilities
  • Power producers and development
  • Regulation
  • Energy consultancies
  • Energy legal practices
  • Technology venture organizations
  • Energy industry associations
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I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the virtual nature of the conference and I thought this went well. The speakers were all wonderful and outside a few technical challenges (but there had to be some) the conference turned out great!

Breanne Fox, Director, Commercial Management & Carbon Technologies, Capital Power Corporation
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Great substitute for an in-person event. Panel discussions seemed to work the best and use time effectively and garner the most participation from attendees.

Sharleen Gatcha, Director, Operations, Balancing Pool
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Great experience. The team was exceptional to work with and communication was clear. Responded well to last minute changes in my presentation. Things went very well especially considering the challenges associated with delivering the conference via a new platform this year.

Darren Huculak, Business Development Manager, FNPA