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Indigenous Communities: See special pricing below. The special pricing can be combined with group rates, but can’t be combined with other special offers. CI reserves the right to review eligibility for the Indigenous Communities rate.

On-Demand ¹˒²

Alberta Power Symposium

Alberta Power Symposium – Conference Recording – October 2020


¹ Please note that some sessions may not be available. Speakers have the right to decline redistribution of their session at any time before, during, or after the conference. Please email [email protected] to request exclusions prior to purchase.

² Sharing these recordings of the virtual conference either by audio or video is not permitted without prior express written consent of The Canadian Institute. Speaker permission must be obtained for use of presentation content in news coverage/articles.

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Payment and Discount Policy
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Special discounts apply to the conference fee only and do not apply to workshops or other add-ons. All conference fees must be paid in full at the time of the order for any discount to be applied.