April 2024

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Lee Caragiale

Transportation Equity Lead

Kyle M. Lambert

McMillian Law

Tyler Seed

Transit Electrification Lead
PowerON Energy Solutions

Matthew Di Taranto

Manager - Public Transit Partnerships

Jeff Walter

Digital Consulting Lead- Canada

Join us for an exclusive webinar which will provide a preview of some of the key topics we will explore at the Canadian Institute’s 2024 Urban Transit and Infrastructure Symposiums – East and West editions.

This webinar will explore how new technologies including AI and new modes of electrification can enable integrated solutions to current urban transit challenges in both Eastern and Western Canada. Our speakers will also address the legal obligations associated with this technology as well as ridership concerns and considerations.

Key points which will be covered during the webinar include:

  • Understanding how AI is enabling the design of smart transit systems
  • Offsetting the costs of electrification with new revenue streams such as participation in electricity and clean fuel credit markets
  • Exploring mobility-on-demand as an urban transit solution and accessing adds to or alleviates city congestion and congestion around mobility hubs)
  • Designing inclusive solutions to address ridership concerns when integrating modes of urban transit
  • Examining construction plans and infrastructure design considerations from a legal perspective

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