Entering the Modern-Era of Indigenous Consultation: From Modern Treaties to Modern Tech

Indigenous consultation is facing its greatest challenge of the modern era on three fronts. The Canadian Institute’s 5th Annual Indigenous Consultation Atlantic Conference will take a hard look at emerging government policies and openly discuss best practices for consultation, in a non-partisan and neutral environment.

Speaker Name

Renée Pelletier

Managing Partner
Olthuis, Kleer, Townshed

Speaker Name

Tuma Young

Lawyer & Indigenous Law Professor
Cape Breton University

Speaker Name

Terry Richardson

Pabineau First Nation
(Conference Co-Chair)

Speaker Name

Julie Blackhawk

General Counsel, Aboriginal Affairs Portfolio
Department of Justice Canada

Speaker Name

Lois Harwood

Canada Member
Fisheries Joint Management Committee

Join us for 3 successive mornings on November 22, 23 & 24 for in-depth discussion on Canada’s ever-changing and ever-evolving Consultation Law landscape.

Nov 22

Indigenous Rights and
Moderate Livelihood

Gain perspectives and positive ways forward on the contentious topic of moderate livelihood and Indigenous rights.

Nov 23

Consultation from Legal Requirements to Best Practices

Explore best practices in consultation with a look at implementing the UN Declaration, land claims, and consulting during a pandemic.

Nov 24

Focus on Economic
Development and Partnerships

Hear about practical business practices, mutually beneficial relationships and success stories to find real-world takeaways for your next project.

Hear the legal obligations and regulations that govern Indigenous consultation and learn real applications for improving engagement strategies. This event brings together Indigenous leaders, government representatives and natural resource companies to discuss some of the most contentious consultation issues seizing the east coast in a neutral non-partisan setting. Make this your opportunity to tackle long-standing concerns, create new connections and strengthen your existing relationships.

I look forward to seeing you in November 2021!

Desiree Finhert
Portfolio Lead, Indigenous Affairs Series,
Canadian Institute


This 3-day conference program can be applied towards 4.5 of the 9 substantive hours of annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as required by the Law Society of Ontario. As well Workshop B and Workshop C can both be applied toward 3 hours substantive hours.

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Very useful and interesting to have different points of view.

Johnathan Hamel, CIRNAC, Government of Canada
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Very informative & engaging. Quite interactive.

Stephanie Tougas, Natural Resources Canada
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Good mixture of professional fields.

Russ Letica, WNNB – MMFN
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The opportunity to learn from others, make connections and network.

Sophie Pitre-Arseneault, Fisheries and Oceans Canada