PART I: A Guide for Federal Crowns Making Recommendations to the Privy Council for Crown Board Member Appointments: What Every Chair Needs to Consider

January 30, 2024 9:15am

Vivian Abdelmessih
Export Development Canada

Robert Sanderson
Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

Board member appointments are crucial as they can shift the progression of a Crown corp. As such, recommendations given to the Privy Council on board appointments require strategic thought and consideration. This session will examine what Federal Crown Chairs need to keep in mind when compiling their recommendations for open board member positions.

  • Assessing what the Privy Council considers when making board member appointments
  • Understanding the qualities that a board member needs to be a good fit for your particular Crown corp
  • Devising a plan with current Board members to identify gaps
  • Understanding the Chair’s crucial role as the sole representative of the Crown who is able to provide recommendations
    • Reviewing potential biases that can alter recommendations