AI Anticipation: Understanding How Crown Corporations can Use AI Systems Effectively

January 30, 2024 2:45pm

Marco Falco
Torkin Manes LLP

Richard Barber
Mind Tech Group
Board Director
Governance Professionals of Canada

Dr. Jodie Lobana
Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
Queens University
Board Member
International Internal Audit Standards Board

  • Examining how Crowns can implement AI systems into their daily functions
    • Identifying the best AI system to use based on the tasks you want it to perform
  • Examining what AI systems are currently being utilized by federal and provincial/territorial entities
  • Understanding the Government’s directive on AI usage
  • Determining who is accountable at the Crown board level if something goes wrong
    • Who would be accountable under the management side?
  • Developing a plan to resolve any breaches or mishaps stemming from AI usage
  • Evaluating best practices on when and when not to use AI systems