Addressing Challenges in Crown Board Operations: An Honest Discussion on Fostering Transparency and Accountability

January 30, 2024 11:45am

Frédéric Duguay
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Canada Infrastructure Bank

Matt Fullbrook
Ground-Up Governance

  • Outlining Crown board best practices for sound governance
  • Evaluating current Crown board operations to find solutions that foster transparency and accountability in their roles and relationships with other Crown board members
  • Developing best practices for sound Crown board meetings:
    • Examining agenda structure
    • Determining how Chairs should run the meetings
    • Understanding how in-person versus virtual board meetings having affect the quality of the board meeting
    • Creating and implementing best practices to keep the meeting on track
  •  Designing preparation and transition procedures for newly appointed Crown board members to effectively assume their respective roles 
  • Developing best practices within a culture of transparency and accountability when working with difficult Board members