The Global Implications of Local Legislation and its Impact on Canadian Advertising and Marketing Law – A Case Study on Quebec’s Bill 96 and Law 25 and the Cost of Compliance

January 18, 2024 3:15pm

Jill Briggs
Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs
Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada

Jason Moscovici

Megha Wadhwani
Senior Legal Counsel

New legislation – such as Bill 96 the Charter of the French Language and Law 25 the provincial privacy legislation – have broad sweeping consequences for those wanting to do business in Quebec. This session will focus on the national and global implications of local legislation on marketing and advertising and will focus on how provincial laws can make compliance and working in the Quebec and Canadian market extremely difficult.

  • Ramifications of the bill on marketing, trademarks, labeling, and privacy
  • Complying with signage and commercial advertising amendments
  • Reassessing the use of non-French trademarks on product packaging and labelling