Practical Drill Down: Sponsorship and Partnership in Canadian Advertising and Marketing

January 18, 2024 2:15pm

Nicole Kutlesa
Senior Legal Counsel

Elizabeth Manley

Elizabeth Manley
Director, Trademarks and Marketing Law

Stephanie Provato


Gillian Depew
Legal Director, Marketing & Sales
Molson Coors Beverage Company

This session will focus on navigating sponsorships and partnerships as they relate to advertising and marketing. With growing anticipation surrounding FIFA 2026, comprehending this concept is more important than ever before. Points of discussion will focus on:

  • Developing best practices to ensure companies adhere to recently implemented advertising regulations when executing advertising partnerships and sponsorships
  • Examining the use of celebrities, influencers, and athletes in sponsorship and partnerships
  • Customizing your sponsorship agreement in accordance with your brand’s marketing and advertising vision
  • Understanding the use of slogans, distinctive packaging, official marks, logos and composite logos in sponsorship and partnerships
  • Identifying and preventing potential liabilities in sponsorship and partnership agreements