How Legal Cases are Affecting Consultation Practice

February 21, 2024 1:45pm

Meaghan Conroy
MLT Aikins

Kate Kempton
Senior Counsel
Woodward & Company

William (Bill) Mcelhanney, K.C.
Ackroyd LLP

Focusing on significant legal developments in the duty to consult, this session will concentrate on noteworthy legal advancements regarding the duty to consult. This session will explore recent case law, legislative changes and practical resources developed by Indigenous Peoples to fulfill the duty to consult and accommodate.

  • Exploring current legal cases that are influencing consultation procedures, including:
    • First Nation of Na-Cho NyƤk Dun v Yukon (Government of), (2023) YKSC
    • Gitxaala v British Columbia (Chief Gold Commissioner), (2023) BCSC
    • Whiteduck v Ontario, (2023) ONCA
    • Reference re Impact Assessment Act SCC