A federal budget proposal to transition into a National Pharmacare framework has the potential to further shake-up the market.

Public and private payers are looking to harness innovative solutions to ensure plan sustainability, lessen the financial burden on the healthcare system and improve patient outcomes. Precision medicine holds significant potential to strengthen a value based approach. However, it remains largely unclear how the implementation of a Canadian Pharmacare system would address the patchwork of coverage and cost of advanced therapeutics. In this evolving landscape, manufacturers will be required to optimize HTA submissions and commercialization strategies through increased collaboration with stakeholders.

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Hear from a distinguished faculty:


Nathaniel Lipkus
Osler Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

Alexis Sciuk
Director, Access and Government Relations, Ontario and Private Sector
Pfizer Canada Inc.


Sylvie Bouchard
Director of Medication

Mathew Brougham
CEO & Principal Consultant
Brougham Consulting Inc.

Kobina Quansah
Outcomes Research Manager
Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd

Brent Fraser
Vice President
Pharmaceutical Reviews CADTH

Sang Mi Lee
Senior Pharmacist
Pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance

Vincenzo Ciampi
Executive Director, Innovation and Strategic Projects
Sandoz Canada

Prepare for the future of market entry through open dialogue about:

  • OPERATING within the proposed National Pharmacare system in Canada
  • UTILIZING RWE to bolster submissions as well as access and reimbursement strategies
  • LEVERAGING new platforms to speed up start times on clinical trials and streamline the associated approvals for market access
  • ASSESSING the impact of the proposed PMPRB plan to lower the pricing ceiling on manufacturers from R&D to market entry
  • HONING your approach to negotiations with pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) on advanced therapeutics
  • UNDERSTANDING how rising pressures for affordable treatment and the potential for interchangeability could support new inroads for biosimilars
  • ANALYZING developments in precision medicine that could increase safety and efficacy of treatments while reducing healthcare spending