Your Community’s Economic Path to Self‑Governance

The 2019 Federal Budget announced $48 million for First Nation communities to be spent on core supports and tools to govern and deliver critical programs and services. The announcement was part of a $4.5 billion allocation focused on economic development. Is your community positioned to access funding and achieve self-determination through strong economic development?

$4.5 billion allocation over 5 years

  • $17 million over 3 years – Supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs through the Indigenous Growth Fund and the expansion of the Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program
  • $129 million over 5 years – Supporting Indigenous business development with, including:
    • $78.9 million over 5 years – the Community Opportunity Readiness program, with $15.8 million ongoing
    • $50 million over 5 years – enhancing the funding of the Métis Capital Corporations support the start-up and expansion of Métis small and medium-sized enterprises
  • $3 million over 5 years – Supporting Futurpreneur Canada, a targeted support for Indigenous entrepreneurs

Following a highly successful inaugural year, The Canadian Institute’s 2nd Annual Indigenous Governance Forum is returning to Edmonton to provide a non-partisan platform for discussing your community vision and spirit. Attend this one-day forum to reaffirm your community has the right focus and establish a critical path to attain self-determination goals.

  • Envisioning Your Community for the Next Seven Generations
  • Inherent Approaches to Asserting Sovereignty
  • Developing Self-Governance Structures through Economic Development
  • Legalization and Recognition of Indigenous Laws

This event will bring together chiefs, councilors and legal counsel from First Nation communities as well as government officials from across Western Canada to discuss improving Indigenous governance. Join us for in-depth discussions and explore opportunities for your community!

  • Indigenous Leaders, Officials, Chiefs
  • Band, Tribal Council Members, Managers and Administrators
  • Indigenous Financial Managers, Economic Development Officers and Land Managers
  • Federal, Provincial, Territorial and Government Officials
  • Lawyers practicing Indigenous and Constitutional Law and In-House Counsel
  • Policy Analysts and Academics

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