Addressing Gaps in the Continuum of Care

Transforming Infrastructure to Meet the Complex Medical Needs of Vulnerable Populations in the Community

November 7, 2023 3:45pm

Patsy Poulin
Cumulus Architects Inc.

Larissa Smit
Director of Innovation & Strategy

Gaps exist in the continuum of care for individuals with disabilities and complex medical conditions. Family members provide care where they can but are often left looking to an overstretched Long Term Care system to help.

Savehaven, an organization that provides day programming, respite and residential care for children, youth and adults is working with Cumulus Architects to reimagine the physical space in a way that will help fill the gaps that exist.

In this session explore how the redevelopment of Safehaven’s Bloor Street site will:

  • Address current gaps in the continuum of care
  • Leverage community synergies to create a state-of-the-art hub
  • Reimagine residential, and transition care spaces in a way that will enable respite and day program expansion