Coffee & Conversation

Industry Outlook for Healthcare Infrastructure in Ontario: Pipeline, Priorities, and Projections for the Year Ahead

November 7, 2023 9:00am

Imad El Haddad, M.Arch, MBA
Senior Vice President, Project Delivery, Healthcare Portfolio, Hospitals
Infrastructure Ontario

James Stewart
Director, Health Capital Investment Branch
Ontario Ministry of Health

David Ho
Chief Procurement Officer and EVP Program Strategy & Management
Infrastructure Ontario


Ian McDermott
Executive Director, Redevelopment and Chief Planning Officer
University Health Network

Grab your morning coffee and settle in for a special interactive conversation with Infrastructure Ontario, and industry partners.

This session will start off with an interview style Q&A aimed at providing a clearer view of the trends shaping healthcare infrastructure in Ontario—from the pipeline, and current project pressures to projections for 2024. Afterwards we’ll dig a little deeper with your questions on process, procurement, and the future landscape for healthcare builds.

  • Identifying how IO likes to work with project teams
    • Streamlining communications and preparing for meetings for efficient submission review process
  • Exploring what measures are being taken to adapt to current market conditions
    • Assessing where there are opportunities to pivot or scale back
    • Determining if billion-dollar healthcare projects are sustainable moving forward
  • Tracking trends in material cost, labour shortages and the impact on project delivery
    • Developing strategies to mitigate the impact schedule, and cost projects, especially those with long lead times