Exploring the Efficacy of Artful Intersections for Health and Wellness Infrastructures

November 7, 2023 1:30pm

Natalia Olszewska MD

Tye Farrow
Senior Partner
Farrow Partners Architects

Pia Kontos, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
KITE Research Institute, Toronto, Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network
Dalla Lana School of Public Health & RSI

Laurie Kilgour-Walsh
Interim Head of Wellness and Learning
Art Gallery of Hamilton


Keith Francis
Associate + Senior Director of Experience Outcomes
Forge Media + Design

So much of what we see is related to what we feel, and what we feel has so much to do with our understanding of humanity and the world around us. From architecture, neuroscience, music, psychology, sociology, anthropology or critical disabilities, the contributions of arts-based initiatives to healthcare and its infrastructures have become the throughline method used to uncouple, translate and answer the essential questions of WHY? and HOW? While providing a new depth of understanding of the complexities of health and wellness themes, the endless possibilities of creative expression and the design of space and place.

Join a diverse panel of applied practitioners, pioneers, and advocates for an extended roundtable discussion that will touch on:

  • Exploring the Intersection of architecture, neuroscience and Salutogenic design
  • Designing spaces to promote health, wellness and productivity
  • Identifying the contributions of the arts in promoting wellbeing
  • Learning how arts-based initiatives reduce stigma and improve social and creative inclusion