Enabling Action on Climate Change

A Case Study from the NHS Net Carbon Standard

November 8, 2023 3:00pm

Rebecca Stubbs
Senior Consultant, Infrastructure Advisory, Climate Change and Sustainability
Mott MacDonald

The climate emergence is a health emergency. As embodied carbon of materials and construction processes typically accounts for upwards of 70% of whole lifecycle carbon emissions from a hospital, acting on embodied carbon emissions never seemed more pertinent. In this session examine how the UK is tackling the challenge by influencing maturity of the market by generating data and creating a framework of measurement and moving towards true net-zero healthcare facilities across their lifecycle.

  • Exploring how NHS NZC Building Standard developed an innovative framework for healthcare facilities.
  • ‘Tiering’ building elements to set different requirements that respond to industry maturity and data availability.
  • Analyzing examples of the impacts of the net zero standard on projects.
  • Assessing different trade-offs with other industry priorities – such as pre-manufactured value, adaptability, and sustainable material choices.
  • Bringing this together with other regulation and standards in Canada.