The Canadian Association of Police Governance (CAPG) is the national association, collective voice and resource for civilian governance of policing in Canada. The civilian governance of police in Canada has a rich and deep history, in fact police boards can be traced back to various provincial legislative acts that pre-date Confederation.

Formed in 1989, our members provide governance and oversight to more than 75% of municipal police in Canada. While there are some variations when it comes to the provision of civilian governance in different provinces, our fundamental roles and responsibilities are similar. The police boards and commissions hire and evaluate their Chiefs of Police, set strategic policing objectives and policies in consultation with police leadership and the communities they serve and generally represent the public interest. In addition, they are responsible for working with their service to bring forward an operational budget for policing to their respective municipal councils.

The CAPG works collaboratively and proactively with members and partners to enhance civilian governance of policing in Canada.