Bringing together leaders in construction, government and First Nations communities to address complex housing challenges.

Join us for two days of in-depth discussions and the latest insights on funding and financing opportunities for both housing and infrastructure needs in First Nations communities.



Implementing an urban, rural, and northern Indigenous housing strategy


Supporting the delivery of critical programs and services for communities


Developing First Nations capacity to exercise increased responsibility over their lands, resources, and environment

About this Conference

CI’s Annual Forum on First Nations Housing & Infrastructure West serves as a vital platform for exploring innovative strategies, sharing best practices and fostering collaborative partnerships between First Nations, government and industry leaders in energy, construction and design. Focusing on infrastructure projects in Indigenous communities, our experts take a deep look at the federal budget’s funding allocation, identify financing opportunities and address the pressing challenges facing the housing sector in First Peoples territories.

  • Accessing Funding Dollars for Core Housing and Infrastructure Supports for Indigenous Communities
  • Hear Directly from Chiefs about their Priorities to Meet Housing & Infrastructure Needs
  • CASE STUDY: Securing $5.7M in Provincial Funding for Calgary’s Indigenous Elders’ Lodge
  • Strengthening and Enforcing Robust Housing Policies for an Effective Housing Department from Rent Collection to Repairs
  • Housing Models Across the Country: First Nations Access to Safe, Secure, Adequate and Affordable Housing No Matter Where They Live
Network and establish meaningful relationships with peers in the following job functions:
  • Chief and Council
  • Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Finance
  • Capital and Infrastructure Administration
  • Lands and Resources
  • Public Works
  • Indigenous Markets Financing
  • Business Development


  • First Nations Communities
  • Indigenous Economic Development Corporations
  • Construction and Engineering Firms
  • Government
  • Banks, Financial Institutions, and Investment Firms
  • Water and Wastewater Services
  • Architectural Firms and Consultants
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