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Long way to go for ‘made with clear conscience’ tag by Gautam Gupta, posted on

Exploitation seems to be the key that opens many a door in the apparel industry. This is one sector where often inhuman and unfair work conditions prevail. In some places the situation is really alarming. Thankfully, many NGOs have taken it upon themselves to create awareness. [Read More…]  

Report advocates help for smaller manufacturers by Rick Saia, posted on

A commission that looks at the future of manufacturing in the United States is pushing a series of six proposals it says will help accelerate innovation at the country’s small and medium-sized manufacturers. [Read More…]  

Japanese auto suppliers looking at more acquisitions by David Sedgwick and Han Greimel, posted on Plastics News

Prodded by a stagnant home market and fast-moving rivals, Japanese suppliers are buying up foreign companies to gain quick access to new technology, customers and markets. [Read More…]  

Searing report gives Barra a mandate to reshape GM by Mike Coilas, posted on Tire Business

General Motors Co. employees who showed up at a recent town hall meeting expecting to hear CEO Mary Ms. Barra talk about moving on from the company’s embarrassing safety crisis were thrown a curveball. [Read More…]  

CP awards $210,000 purse at Spruce Meadows: Gifts $120,000 to protect Calgarians’ heart health, posted on CNW

The Canadian Pacific (CP) Grand Prix, held yesterday at Spruce Meadows, wrapped up with a big victory for McLain Ward (USA), aboard 13-year-old Warmblood, Rothchild in the $210,000 event. The Heart and Stroke Foundation was also a winner, as recipient of a significant generous contribution by the railroad of $120,000 to benefit youth heart health.  [Read More…]  

Jamaica government says Alcoa to pull out of country, posted on Mining Weekly

The Jamaican government said on Friday that mining company Alcoa will pull out of Jamaica within two years. The Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining said in a statement that it had received “formal confirmation” from Alcoa World & Alumina Chemicals (Alcoa) that it plans to sell its interests in Jamaica as part of a consolidation strategy.  [Read More…]  

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