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Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Using Text Messages and Social Media As Evidence

[Whitepaper, Co-authored by James N. Korpan, Partner, McDougall Gauley LLP and Aadon R. Fieger, Student at Law with McDougall Gauley LLP]  Social media and social computing refer to the wide array of Internet based tools and platforms that in crease and enhance the sharing of information. The common goal of this media is to maximize user accessibility and self publication through a variety of different formats… Social networking refers to building online communities of people who share interests or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. These web based applications allow users to create and edit personal or professional “profiles” that contain information and content that can be viewed by others in electronic networks that the users can create or join. There is a distinction between social networks that offer personal connections and professional networks that market a business or accomplish other business related goals. [Read More…]    

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