Heads of Government meet to discuss Ontario’s public-sector transformation

Leaders from across various government levels and departments united in Toronto last May to share what the Ontario government emphasized as key discussions in their sectors. Read on for a summary of the notes from the 2018 GovConnect Ontario forum and view the completed post-event report.

On May 8, 2018, key transformation stakeholders connected at GovConnect Ontario to discuss major challenges they were experiencing to share notions that will drive the government forward. The event allowed leaders from across various government levels and departments to break silos and unify their approach in an informal and peer-centered learning environment, aiding in the support of each transformation goal. Delegates discussed specific topics relating to the issues at the heart of Ontario’s public-sector transformation: innovation & collaboration, citizen centricity, government-wide approaches, and digital government. The day’s key themes included:
  • Change Management: Promoting Agility in the Public Sector
  • Communication Transformation
  • The Security Mindset
  • Service Design
  • Driving Innovation in the Public Sector
Download the full post-event report summarizing the days learnings and don’t forget to apply for GovConnect Canada in Ottawa this October.