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2015 was a transformative year in the policy and practice shaping cumulative effects. With the rollout of BC’s new framework, landmark court decisions, tremendous activity in resource development, and conflicting priorities of various stakeholders involved, the meaning of cumulative effects and its effective use in environmental stewardship is a growing source of uncertainty and debate.

The path to Alberta’s climate deal

Alberta’s new NDP government had barely landed in office last spring when it announced a sweeping review of Alberta’s climate change policy, sending shock waves through the oil and gas industry and the environmental groups alike. [Read more…]

Helicopters, filthy bottled water mark biggest protest yet at B.C. soil dump

An estimated crowd of around 500 people gathered at the dump on 460 Stebbings Road, while media and government officials were given helicopter tours of the site many residents believe is poisoning their drinking water. [Read more…]

2015 Was A Breakthrough Year For Green Energy

No question, 2015 will be remembered as a banner year for clean energy in Canada. Perhaps surprisingly Alberta led the way as the new government there pledged to invest in clean energy. [Read more…]

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