Ensure compliance.
Build consensus.
Strengthen your social license to operate.

It has been a transformative year in the policy and practice shaping cumulative effects. With the rollout of BC’s new framework, landmark court decisions, tremendous activity in resource development, and conflicting priorities of various stakeholders involved, the meaning of cumulative effects and its effective use in environmental stewardship is a growing source of uncertainty and debate.

What has remained the same is an urgent need for industry, government, First Nations and other key stakeholders to engage in meaningful conversation around the future of project development in BC and beyond. Indeed, to build consensus around the management of cumulative effects, all parties must come together to decide how much change is acceptable, while accepting that land can’t be all things to all people at all times.

CI Energy Group’s conference on Cumulative Effects and the Future of Natural Resource Management will shed light on regulatory changes, leading practices in assessment and opportunities for consensus moving forward.

  • What progress has been made on BC’s Cumulative Effects Framework and how will it impact project development?
  • How can you ensure that all key stakeholders are on the same page early and collaborating to manage cumulative effects?
  • Can cumulative effects management be designed in a more robust and inclusive fashion that becomes easier for all industries to support?
  • What are the critical policy and practice needs for influential regional cumulative effects assessments?

Join a diverse Faculty of Speakers including representatives from Government of BC, FortisBC, Teck Resources, University of Saskatchewan, Stantec, Union of BC Indian Chiefs, Columbia Power, and many more as they discuss comprehensive, integrated methods for balancing the social, economic and environmental impacts of project development.