Building an Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime compliance program that can adapt with the latest technological tools and sufficiently meet emerging regulatory obligations can be an onerous task. Here’s a look at some of the topics we’ll be covering at this year’s event.

Day 1: Tuesday, July 14 | 11:00am

PANEL: Canada’s New AML Investigative Initiative

Carrie Hagerman
AML Action Coordination and Enforcement (ACE) Fusion Team

Carrie Hagerman will be returning to the 2020 Conference to talk about a new Anti-Money Laundering Initiative in Canada that she is leading on behalf of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada. Carrie is leading a new co-located and integrated Fusion Team that includes members from RCMP, FINTRAC, CRA, Public Safety, OSFI, PSPC and OSFI who are working together to counter money laundering in Canada. Several reports published on Canada’s AML Regime have highlighted challenges in both investigating and prosecuting money laundering and the Cullen Commission Public Inquiry has further highlighted the specific challenges in British Columbia. This new team has been tasked to enhance inter-agency coordination, improve information sharing, maximize the benefit of public private partnerships and pursue targeted and high impact money laundering investigations. She will talk about approaches taken and best practices in other countries and describe the steps all AML Partners are taking to improve Canada’s report card. (Feel free to edit the above given space constraints)

Day 2 – WEDNESDAY July 15 | 9:00am

Gaps in the AML and Financial Crime Landscape: What you Need to Know from the BC Experience and Beyond

Peter German
Peter German and Associates Inc.
Former Deputy Commissioner with the RCMP and Author of the “Dirty Money” Reports…

Canada points to its AML regime as an international best practice, but is it? Dr. German’s Dirty Money reports highlight gaps in legislation, institutions, and between governments which have allowed Canada to become increasingly vulnerable to domestic and international organized crime.

In this session Dr. German will argue that money laundering and corruption are alive and well in Canada, requiring forceful action by governments and a committed financial community. Prepare to learn about how Canada can become a more effective partner in tackling financial crime.