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If you are responsible for meeting complex regulatory obligations under the PCMLTFA and want to stay ahead of the latest tools and techniques being leveraged to fight money laundering and financial crime, then join us this June 7–8, 2023.

This year’s new program will feature in-depth sessions and panels including:

  • A Special Keynote with FINTRAC Leaderships: Modernizing and Strengthening Canada’s AML Regime – with FINTRAC Director Sarah Paquet and Deputy Director Donna Achimov
  • Incoming AML Policy Changes: A Review of the Beneficial Ownership Registry in Canada, the PCMLTFA, KYC Compliance, and Other Important AML Measures in the Pipeline
  • Forecast for Crypto Regulation in Canada: The Path to Regulatory Clarity for Cryptocurrencies and Other Digital Assets on the Heels of the Collapse of FTX
  • Modern-Day Money Laundering Schemes, Scams and Cons: Fighting Money Mules, Bitcoin Fraud, and More in 2023
  • Case Study: Project Gemini – Identifying and Combatting the Risks Associated with Counterfeit Goods and Intellectual Property Infringement

Join leaders from Canada’s Big Banks, Regulators, Government Officials and senior leaders in AML/Financial Crime for candid discussions.

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