Workshop B — KYC Workshop: Complete Guide to Perpetual KYC: How to Navigate the Complexities of Ever-Changing KYC

Jun 4, 2024 1:30pm – 05:00 PM

Andres Betancourt
VP AML, Sanctions, Internal Audit & Internal Controls

Eugenio (Gene) DiMira
Global Head of Revenue and Partnerships

Mitigating the AML risks associated with customer acquisition and retention require strong Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD). During this deep-dive workshop, new and experienced AML and Financial Crimes professionals will learn key aspects and challenges of navigating the complexities of ever-changing KYC.

This deep-dive workshop will provide guidance and practical advice on how to perform CDD and KYC in a manner that makes the grade to avoid the risk of penalty.

During this workshop, we will explore:

  • Exploring e-KYC and Perpetual KYC (PKYC)
    • Benefits of a PKYC approach
  • Improving efficiency in the AML/KYC onboarding process
  • Achieving a data-led approach and implementing automation
  • Navigating the numerous challenges related to overhauling KYC processes
  • Improving reporting standards to better justify risk-based decisions
  • Managing the increasing importance of documentation to demonstrate Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
  • Optimizing and integrating automating CDD processes