Align your compliance program with the amended Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA) regulations effective 2020/2021

In June 2019 amended regulations under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA) were released. Reporting entities are now faced with aligning their operations with a slate of requirements by 2020/2021. The stakes for compliance have risen due to broader enforcement measures for organizations and societal push to close the gaps that have led to the proliferation or money-laundering activity in Canada.

Analyze what the changes mean for your organization and develop next steps with guidance from FINTRAC and industry leaders on:

  • New record-keeping and reporting requirements
  • Enforcement trends 2020 and beyond
  • New requirements for Money Services Businesses

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This comprehensive agenda will empower your team to effectively detect and deter money laundering and financial crime.

Eugenio DiMira

Eugenio DiMira

Head of Global Compliance, AMLATF

Bob Kapur

Bob Kapur

AML Specialist

  • Stacey Hopps, FINTRAC
  • Eugenio DiMira, MANULIFE
  • Karen Creen, BANK OF CHINA
  • Greg McCurdie, CIBC
  • Lisa Cinelli, EQUITABLE BANK
  • John Shoemaker, GREAT WEST LIFE…
  • Demetria Ruggiero-Barbera, SCOTIABANK
  • Asad Rauf, SBI CANADA BANK
What’s New For 2020?
  • Harnessing your company data for AML compliance
  • Lessons learned from recent fi nancial crime schemes
  • Interactive Polling – Should you fi le with FINTRAC?
  • The Case for a Benefi cial Ownership Directory
Gain Critical Insights on
  • How to align operations with amended (PCMLTFA) regulations
  • Leveraging digital ID for improved customer due diligence
  • The nuts and bolts of monitoring: How to move, manage and mobilize data
  • How to avoid penalties from the regulators
  • Getting your compliance house in order: FINTRAC guidance on EFT record keeping and reporting
  • Lessons from successful public-private partnerships and recent financial crime schemes
Who You Will Meet

Anti-Money Laundering, Risk Management and Compliance Professionals in:

  • Banking
  • Credit Unions
  • Trust & Loan Companies
  • Insurance and Re-Insurance
  • Asset-Management
  • Securities Firms
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Securities & Fund Brokers & Dealers
  • Investment and Financial Managers & Advisors
  • Foreign Exchange Dealers
  • Subsidiaries of International Financial Institutions
  • Other Financial and Money Services Businesses

As well as Senior Professionals working in the areas of:

  • Payment Processing
  • Virtual Currency
  • Precious Metals, Gems and Jewelry
  • Real Estate Development & Brokerage
  • Accounting
  • Legal Services
  • Gaming & Casino Operations
  • Financial Policy & Regulation


At the end of the Forum, each attendee will receive an official Certificate of Attendance.
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