This 3-day conference program can be applied towards 3.5 of the 9 substantive hours, 3 of the 3 professionalism hours, as well as 1 EDI hour, of annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as required by the Law Society of Ontario. Workshop participants will also receive 3 professionalism hours for each workshop.

The same number of hours may be applied to your continuing legal educational requirements in British Columbia.

The Barreau do Québec recognizes this training activity; the latter having been accredited by another Law Society subject to the MCLE.

For Alberta lawyers, consider including this course as a CPD learning activity in your mandatory annual Continuing Professional Development Plan as required by the Law Society of Alberta.

The Law Society of Saskatchewan recognizes another province’s CPD credits so long as the hours are submitted to the Director of Admissions & Education for approval.