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E-discovery best practices for your practice, Step 1: Litigation readiness

By now, most attorneys have accepted that e-discovery is a necessary part of litigation. However, it is difficult for attorneys and paralegals to keep up with the speed of technology and the growing body of case law. Therefore, it’s time to incorporate the Electronic Discovery Best Practices Model into your practice. Over the course of the next six articles, we will walk through these best practices so that you know how to handle e-discovery issues without fear. The goal with this series is to arm you, the practitioner, with the tools for successful navigation of e-discovery both during non-litigation and litigation activities. [Read More…]

‘You Can’t Move Laterally From a Small Firm To A Big One!’

Thinking about Neil caused me to reflect on the decision that I made, 30 years ago, to work at a small firm (of 20 lawyers) on the West Coast. Everyone told me that I was nuts: “You can always move laterally from a big firm to a small one, but you can’t move laterally in the other direction!” “You can always move from a big New York firm to a firm in California, but you can’t move west to east!” “You have to start by getting the ‘big firm experience.’ Then you can always move to a small firm.” “Go to a big firm! That’s how you keep your options open!” The conventional wisdom isn’t always right . . . . How was the conventional wisdom wrong? [Read More…]

Is this the death of hourly rates at law firms?

Kathy Kirmayer calls it the “bad first date” phenomenon. Many law firms and in-house lawyers shy away from using flat fees for litigation because they once had a bad experience with it, she said. “Because it’s a new frontier, there are law firms that don’t know what they’re doing and are going with crazy low pricing hoping they can get a new client that way,” said Kirmayer, a partner at District-based law firm Crowell & Moring. “And once they get a client to hire them, they try to figure out how to deliver for what they quoted … and the client is surprised by the level of service.” [Read More…]

Five Things to Consider When Using a Mobile Device to Present Your Case

Imagine a world where you no longer have to lug around your clunky, 7 lbs. laptop computer from the office to court to your house and back again. Imagine a world where you are free from that literal baggage. Well that world is here. With modern technology, it is now easy to visually present complex concepts and ideas to audiences both large and small. In fact, today’s courtrooms are filled with people effectively using mobile devices and tablet computers to do just that. Unfortunately, most of those people are jurors and not the trial attorneys who are speaking to them. Because these devices are designed to search and find information quickly, and to be extremely easy to use, some attorneys are already incorporating them into every facet of litigation – arbitrations, hearings and for trial itself. But you needn’t be tech savvy to incorporate this technology into your trial presentation practice. In fact, you only need to remember a few simple things to ensure that you are master of your technology and not mastered by it. [Read More…]

Facebook Hires Data Privacy Litigator Ashlie Beringer As New Deputy Counsel

Between its struggles with the NSA and negotiations with privacy regulators, Facebook needs a lawyer that can fight to protect its data, and its ability to use yours. So today it announced that its new Deputy Counsel is Ashlie Beringer, a litigation partner at Palo Alto’s Gibson Dunn and co-chair of the law firm’s Information Technology and Data Privacy practice group. Beringer will report to Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch, who was promoted from deputy to take the social network’s top legal job in June after long-running GC Ted Ullyot left the company. Ashlie will run Facebook’s 80-person legal department’s litigation, regulatory, and product groups, which contain about 20 employees. [Read More…]  

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