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The 9th Annual Alberta Power Symposium took place on October 5—6, 2021. Our outstanding faculty share insights on the most compelling topics impacting their daily lives and practices. See a snapshot of the event below then purchase the recording to watch at your convenience.

Speaker Name

Breanne Fox

Director, Commercial Management & Carbon Technologies
Capital Power

Speaker Name

Sharleen Gatcha

Vice President, Business Development
Hardline Engineering Ltd.
Founder & CEO

Speaker Name

Jeanie Chin

Supervising Engineer, HVDC & FACTS

Speaker Name

Renee Hjorth

Commercial Manager, Commercial Management, Canada West
Capital Power

Speaker Name

Rebecca Nadel

Business Renewables Centre Canada

Speaker Name

Aïda Nciri

Manager, Policy & Research

Conference Highlights Included
  • Relief to Recovery – Investing in Alberta’s Energy Sector
  • Proposed Changes to the Energy-Only Market
  • Implementing a 90-Day Deferred Payment Program
  • Achieving Net Zero: The Renewable Electricity Act and Action Items to Hit Emissions Targets
  • Demand Side Management and the Evolution of Distribution Systems
Conference Program
Day 1
  • The Renewable Electricity Act – Achieving Emissions and Renewable Electricity Targets by 2030
  • The Future of Electricity and AESO’s Objectives for the Energy-Only Market
  • Keynote Address – Reducing Emissions and Developing Affordable Energy
  • Recent Announcements On Corporate PPA’s – Part 1: How Corporate PPA’s are Driving Economic Growth – Exploring Pricing Advantages and Disadvantages in the Renewable Energy Sector
  • Recent Announcements On Corporate PPA’s – Part 2: How Corporate PPAs are Driving Economic Growth – CASE STUDY DEEP DIVE
    How Amazon, Labatt’s, Shell, RBC and other Major Players are Structuring their Corporate PPAs – Responding to the Renewable Electricity Act
  • Protecting Canada’s Electricity Infrastructure Against Cyber Threats
  • How to Structure an Indigenous Energy Partnership Project and Best Practices for Engagement
  • Assessing Your Company’s Global Footprint: How ESG is Changing the Dynamics of Power Finance
Day 2
  • Technology Advancements – Part 1: Developing Energy Storage Solutions as the Key to Renewables
  • Technology Advancements – Part 2: The Role of Hydrogen in a Net Zero Economy – Creating a Hydrogen Power Hub in Alberta
  • The Challenges of Meeting the COP Paris Agreement – Energy Transition
  • Women in the Power Sector
  • Technology Advancements – Part 3: Carbon Conversion Solutions in Transforming Emissions
  • Technology Advancements – Part 4: Exploring Small Modular Nuclear as a Viable Part of the Supply Mix
  • Demand Side Management and How the Evolution of Distribution Systems will Disrupt Distribution

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