The Canadian Institute's Annual Advanced

Corporate Law Clerk Summit

Critical Skills and Updates for the Experienced Law Clerk

Wednesday, July 20 to Thursday, July 21, 2011
Sutton Place Hotel, Toronto, Ontario

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to meet the demands of a senior corporate law clerk in a tightened economy!

In the current constrained economic environment, senior corporate law clerks are faced with greater workloads, tighter departmental budgets and increasing demands for carriage and drafting in complex corporate matters. Both law firms and corporate legal departments can meet their goals of cost control and risk avoidance by ensuring they have well-trained senior corporate law clerks who can competently provide a broad range of corporate services and who can efficiently manage increasingly complex matters within strict time limits. The Canadian Institute has developed the 5th Annual Advanced Corporate Law Clerk Summit to help senior law clerks meet these critical objectives.

Top business reasons to attend:

  • Gain law clerk time efficiencies through receiving checklists, precedents and practical advice on Minute Book review and rectification
  • Keep extra-provincial filing functions in-house and save fees for outside counsel
  • Meet regulatory compliance by developing guidelines and further knowledge concerning due diligence and the sources for public searches
  • Develop clerk expertise on complex tasks through learning to create corporate and tax-driven share documents
  • Network and develop contacts for mentorship
  • Provide up-to-date client service by developing knowledge and application of the new Federal and Provincial Not-for-Profit Acts
  • Enhance transaction management through senior clerks better creating and implementing closing agendas and documents
  • Improve client services by building precedents and resources regarding corporate reorganization and restructuring
  • Reduce law clerk costs by learning and implementing innovative strategies for time management and docketing

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