7th Annual

Drug Pricing & Reimbursement in Canada

Strategies to Optimize Your Price and Increase Market Access in a Lean Environment

Tuesday, June 04 to Wednesday, June 05, 2013
Metropolitan Hotel, Toronto, Ontario

Join your colleagues, industry leaders and policy-makers, to gain practical strategies to help you compete, and to understand the evolving regulatory developments and how they will impact your business.

In response to rising health care costs in today’s lean fiscal environment, federal and provincial governments have taken steps to control pharmaceutical drug prices and restrict access to markets.

This trend significantly impairs the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to bring drugs to market quickly at an optimal price, while remaining compliant and profitable. As a result, companies are experiencing additional layers of financial stressors in response to strategies put in place by both public and private payers to minimize pharmaceutical prices across Canada.

The Canadian Institute’s 7th Forum on Drug Pricing & Reimbursement, brings together key stakeholders to share their perspectives and practical strategies so that you can remain competitive and compliant in today’s uncertain and increasingly aggressive market.

  • Get practical and innovative strategies for structuring product listing agreements

  • Learn the most recent updates and developments impacting drug pricing and reimbursement across Canada

  • Track critical updates on the new p-CODR

  • Understand the evolving nature of bulk purchasing through the Pan-Canadian initiative

  • Analyze the latest global and pan-Canadian DP&R trends in the industry and their impact on Canada

NEW! The Canadian Institute is responding to your request for a new, improved and strategically priced learning opportunity. This year, attend the stream that best fits your needs whether it is Market Access and Reimbursement or Pricing.

Take your knowledge further by participating in one of the intensive master classes: 

A.  Implementing Strategies for the Successful Launch and Price Sequencing of Innovative Drugs in Canada

B. Maximizing Your Product's Value with Strategic Life Cycle Management

Join us June 4-5 to learn the latest trends in Canada and abroad, and for solutions to your unique challenges and opportunities, as the industry moves toward a more unified approach to Drug Pricing and Reimbursement in Canada. 

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