Day 1
September 25, 2024

8:15 am
Co-Chairs’ Welcome Remarks
8:30 am
The True North Update: Legal and Regulatory Retrospectives and Future Forecasts for the Canadian Food Industry
9:00 am
Bon Appetit: Focus on the Latest Legal and Regulatory Developments Affecting Food Production and Commercialization in Quebec
9:45 am
Morning Refreshment Break
10:00 am
Focus on Animal Based Proteins: Addressing Legal and Regulatory Concerns Specific to Meat, Dairy, and Poultry
10:45 am
The Plastics Registry: What Every Food and Beverage Manufacturer Needs to Know
11:30 am
Food Packaging: Recyclability, Sustainability, and Decomposability
12:00 pm
Networking Luncheon

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1:00 pm
Front of Pack (FOP) Labelling Implementation Guide 2.0
1:45 pm
Developing Protocols for Allergen Labelling Implementation
2:30 pm
Afternoon Refreshment Break
2:45 pm
Alcohol Regulation in Canada: Everything Food Lawyers Need to Know
3:45 pm
Food Advertising Roundtable: When Marketing, Legal, and the Regulators Come to the Table
4:45 pm
Fireside Chat with FHCP and Ad Standards on the Code for the Responsible Advertising of Food and Beverage Products to Children
5:15 pm
Day One Adjourns

Day 2
September 26, 2024

8:30 am
Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks and Recap of Day 1
8:45 am
Keynote Address
9:45 am
Morning Coffee Break
10:00 am
Analyzing Challenges with CBD-Infused Food and Beverage Products
10:45 am
Plant-Based vs Cell-Cultivated Products: Understanding the Challenges of Novel Foods
11:30 am
Status Report on Natural Health Products and Supplemented Foods Regulation and Commercialization
12:15 pm
Networking Luncheon
1:15 pm
A Practical Guide to Navigating CFIA Inspections
2:15 pm
Broadening Horizons: Exploring Global Food Law Developments and Cross-Border Considerations
3:15 pm
Afternoon Refreshment Break
3:30 pm
Mastering Global Recalls: A Guide to Understanding Recalls in Global Food Markets
4:30 pm
Strengthening Indigenous Food Systems
5:30 pm
Main Conference Adjourns