The Canadian Institute is pleased to present its inaugural Advanced Summit on Food Law and Regulation – Canada.

In the last decade, there have been major legal and regulatory developments impacting food and beverages in Canada. From the Safe Food for Canadians Act to labeling changes to supplemental foods to ESG concerns to new advertising restrictions to children – there is no shortage of legal and regulatory challenges.

These challenges also cross the border as U.S. food and beverage manufacturers need a strong working knowledge of these developments to service and do business with their Canadian affiliates. As such, the need for this conference for North America food manufacturers has never been greater.

Join us in the Greater Toronto Area this fall and learn from the masters of Canadian Food Law and Regulation. Register today to obtain the tools and techniques you need to meet the evolving legal and regulatory challenges which the food industry is now facing as well as anticipating in Canada.

Speaker Name

Lewis Retik

Partner & Leader, Food and Beverage Group
Gowling WLG

  • The True North Update: Key l Developments and Trends Impacting Food Law and Regulation in Canada
  •  An Analysis of New Guidelines for Front of Package Labelling
  • Think Tank on New Restrictions for Food Advertising to Children
  • ESG Strategy Sessions, including a Solutions Session for Sustainability  Challenges Surrounding the Packaging of Food and Beverages
  • Focus on Novel Foods from the Existing and Anticipated Legal and Regulatory Requirements for Plant-Based Foods and Beverages and Cell-Cultivated Products
  • A Guide to Understanding Standard of Identity Claims and Challenges in Food Advertising
  • In-House Think Tank on Cross-Border Challenges: What Can We Learn From Each Other
  • Report on New Class Action Activity Affecting the Food Industry

Also Benefit From Case Studies And Mock Exercises On:
  • How to Bring a Supplemental Food to Market
  • What to Do When the CFIA Comes Knocking!
  • Recall Management: How to Effectively Oversee a Recall and Manage the Fallout
Food and Beverage Industry:
  • In-House Counsel, with responsibilities for corporate law, litigation, regulation, advertising, and promotion
  • Compliance and Government Affairs Officers and Executives
  • Safety and Quality Officers and Managers
  • Nutrition and Labeling Directors and Executives
  • Regulatory Affairs Officers and Executives

Law Firm Attorneys for Food and Beverage Industry whose practices focus on:

  • Food Law/ Agribusiness Law
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Litigation

Accreditation will be sought in those jurisdictions requested by the registrants which have continuing education requirements.