Conference Chair

Allan Chatenay



Mark Brajer

Chief Executive Officer
Tlicho Investment Corporation & Group of Companies

Ernie Daniels

President & CEO
First Nations Finance Authority

Robert Diaz

DM Cultural Services Ltd.
President, Dunne Za Economic Development Corp
West Moberly First Nation

Paul Gruner

Tahltan Nation Development Corporation

Rob Huebert

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
University of Calgary - Centre for Military, Strategic and Security Studies

Katie Kachur

Vice-President, Government Relations, West
Canadian Propane Association

Dr. Katharina Koch

Postdoctoral Associate, Canadian Northern Corridor Research Program
The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

Maribeth Murray

Executive Director, Arctic Institute of North America Professor, Anthropology and Archeology
University of Calgary

Kelly J. Ogle

Canadian Global Affairs Institute

Jess Puddister

Stakeholder and Regulatory Manager
Nunavut Nukkiksautiit Corporation

Ben Seligman

Project Specialist
Arctic/Frontier Oil & Gas