Workshop A — Duty to Consult in Practice: A Complete Guide to Documents, Day-to-Day Operations and Consultation Triggers for the Consultation Manager

Feb 21, 2023 8:30am – 12:00 PM

Shaleigh Raine
Consultation Office
Louis Bull Tribe

* Workshops are available In-Person only.

In this hands-on workshop, you will benefit from real life examples, pitfalls to avoid and the latest best practices. Don’t miss this detailed, in-depth look at expectations, documents and day-to-day operations pertaining to the Duty to Consult.This workshop is only being offered in-person.

  • Deciphering what triggers the Duty to Consult, the types of projects, and grey areas
  • Understanding the legal requirements
  • Examining the role of the Crown, the regulator, and other groups Calculating whether the duty has been sufficiently met
  • Knowing what at to read, and what to look for, and what to do next Environmental Assessments
      • Handling technical documents
      • Filing permits
  • How to find efficiencies Discussing costs incurred from fulfilling the consultation process, who usually pays
    • Tracking referrals and timelines