Workshop B — Housing Manager Bootcamp: Everything You Need to Know from Day-to-Day Operations to Funding Applications to Succession Planning

Apr 29, 2024 1:30pm – 05:00 PM

Sharon McKay
Program Manager
First Nations Housing & Infrastructure Council (FNHIC)

(Registration opens at 1:00 pm)

    • Examining the database and training tools that will make you more confidant in your role
  • Part Two: GROUNDING Your Role and BUILDING the Housing Department
    • Identifying how a housing manager can build, train and retain a team
    • Sticking to the departmental budget and understanding where the funding comes from
    • Educating members and tenants on housing department policies and expectations for general upkeep
    • Maintaining cultural appreciation while being assertive and effective in your role
    • Interacting effectively with other departments
    • Implementing positive coping mechanisms and healthy habits to mitigate stress
    • Analyzing how to ease the workload by developing strategies and creating boundaries within the housing role
  • Part Three: WHAT IS THIS DOCUMENT FOR? – Document Dissection: Clarifying and Applying Useful Paperwork
    • Analyzing and understanding the various types of documents
    • Drafting and organizing a document system that will make being a housing manager much more manageable and alleviate some of the stresses
  • Part Four: GUTS ON CONTRACTS – Navigating a Contract and Ensuring You Never Feel Mislead Again
    • Analyzing CCDC contracts for contractors including design builds, construction management, open build and cost plots
    • Examining contracts format and standard language
    • Calculating the ins and outs of consulting fees