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The 11th Annual Forum on U.S. Export & Re-Export Compliance for Canadian Operations took place on January 25-27. Our outstanding faculty share insights on the most compelling topics impacting their daily lives and practices. See a snapshot of the event below then purchase the recording to watch at your convenience.

2022 Conference Co-Chairs
Speaker Name

Mr. Gary Stanley

Global Legal Services

Speaker Name

Mr. Ken Purchase

Senior Director, Global Trade Requirements Management
Pratt & Whitney

2022 Conference Agenda

Day 1 – January 26, 2022

  • BIS Keynote Address with Matthew Borman, Deputy Assistant Secretary Export Administration, Bureau of Industry and Security at the U.S. Department of Commerce
  • THE U.S-CHINA TRADE LANDSCAPE — AND THE IMPACT ON CANADIAN INDUSTRY: The Latest Expansion of MEU, MIEU, CCMC — and More EAR Requirements: Hidden Lessons for Updating Compliance and Licensing Practices
  • CHINA – CASE STUDIES: What Would You Do If?…Real-World Takeaways for Resolving the Biggest Licensing and Compliance Conundrums
  • The Continued Effects of COVID 19 on Compliance, Cybersecurity and Data Protection: The Latest Know-How for Preventing Export and Reexport Violations
  • Canadian Export Controls & Permit Timelines: How to Programmatically Manage Nuanced Classifications and ChangesCOMPLIANCE BENCHMARKING & BRAINSTORMING: Adapting Your Export and Reexport Program to Rapid Geopolitical, Regulatory and More Changes: How Industry is Revisiting Policies, Procedures and Processes
  • “War Stories” and Lessons for 2022-Compliance Weaknesses, Violations and Penalties Under the Microscope: The Lesser-Known Takeaways from Recent Cases Against Companies and Individuals

Day 2 – January 27, 2022

  • Third Party and Supply Chain Due Diligence: Vetting Prospective Business Partners, Mitigating New Risks and Updating Your Contingency Plan
  • ECONOMIC SANCTIONS: Updating Your Risk-Based Economic Sanctions Compliance Program: The Latest U.S. and Canadian Restrictions, and Their Practical Impact
  • Cybersecurity & Ransomware Attacks: Managing New, Emerging Export Controls and Economic Sanctions Compliance Risks
  • Employing and Transferring Dual/Third-Country Nationals: Managing the Continued Conflict Between, US Export Controls, Canadian Human Rights and Privacy Laws
  • Update on Controlled Goods Program from Public Services and Procurement Canada


Conference Program
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