Workshop A — Crown Corporate Secretariat Working Group: What Every Corporate Secretary Needs to Know for Success in their Role and their Crown

Jan 29, 2024 9:30am – 12:30 PM

Colleen Ouellette
Director & Corporate Secretary
Export Development Canada

Aaron Friedenthal
VP Legal Services & Assistant Corporate Secretary
ATB Financial

Louise Ouellette-Bolduc
Corporate Secretary
Canada Revenue Agency

This session is offered only in person.

Corporate Secretariats have a very important role in a Crown Corporation. From creating well-thought Agendas, to guiding all Board members, Chairs and C-Suite executives, a corporate secretary must have the tools to lay the foundation for sound governance and smooth Board operations.

Whether you are new to the role or have been in it for many years, this workshop, led by Corporate Secretaries from federal and provincial/territorial Crowns, will provide you with insights on best practices for the role and responsibilities of corporate secretaries and provide you with tools for your success.

  • Assessing the evolving responsibilities that Corporate Secretaries hold
  • Developing best practices for:
    • Structuring agendas for Board meetings to allow for meaningful discussions and minimal deviations
    • Building strong relationships between the Board and Ministry
    • Providing the Chair with assistance and advisory notes
    • Implementing the decisions of the Board
    • Bookkeeping of corporate records
    • Acting as an advisor to directors
    • Liaising with Board members and directors
    • Maintaining overall Board governance
  • Understanding the art of keeping and strategically using Board meeting minutes
  • Identifying gaps and developing plans to maintain a full Board
    • Delegating duties when there are gaps in the Board
  • Balancing the role of Corporate Secretary with your daily work

Light Lunch & Networking Break For Attendees of Workshop A & B Only