Thank You to a Wonderful Group of Delegates, Exceptional Faculty of Speakers and our Valued Partners for a Successful InauguralWomen’s Leadership Forum in Vancouver!

The Canadian Institute’s Women’s Leadership Forum took place at the Four Seasons in Vancouver on November 3, 2015, with interactive working sessions on November 4th. There was no shortage of valuable takeaways from an accomplished group of leaders.   Chaired by the sensational Brenda Allen of Peak Talent Development, the Forum showcased exceptional leadership with a goal of providing delegates with the vision and skills needed to thrive in their journeys to the top.   The opening Catalysts and Trailblazers panel, featuring Shannon Janzen (Western Forest Products Inc.); Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia (Century Plaza Hotel & Spa and Absolute Spa Group); Sue Paish (LifeLabs); Susannah Pierce (LNG Canada); Nancy Southern (ATCO Ltd.); and Laurie Sterritt (BC Hydro), was an especially powerful way to start the day – the collective knowledge and leadership experience on the panel was incredible. They also introduced key theme that would be explored throughout the day: knowing and living your leadership values.   Best Buy’s Annalisa King did a fantastic job of bringing that theme home toward the end of the day with her speech entitled, “Leading with Authenticity – How to Embrace and Leverage Your Genuine Leadership Style.”   There were so many highlights, practical tips and words of wisdom shared – it is impossible to summarize all of them. Delegates were encouraged to write down their key takeaways and from there, develop actionable goals for the coming months.   The Canadian Institute looks forward to reconvening next year in Western Canada to hear about progress made and expand on our growing community of Women’s Leadership Forum supporters! P.S.  Here’s my top takeaway, shared by our keynote speaker, Anne Giardini, Q.C., Chancellor, Simon Fraser University:   “(What) excites me – and what motivates I believe many of us in this room – is leadership to a purpose. Not power over, but power to. Power to decide how resources will be allocated. Power to bring our values and judgment to bear. Power to decide what our world looks like. That has always been my goal. I hope you will make it yours.” – Elizabeth Dempsey, Conference Producer, The Canadian Institute  

What Delegates Enjoyed Most about the Conference: 

“Absolutely engaging panel members, speakers and attendees” – Alison Bailey, Project Director, Omicron (Vancouver 2015) “Panelists’ relevance, flow of conversation as well as the level of passion and enthusiasm in the room” – Gillian Landry, Manager, Liberty International (Vancouver 2015)    “Meeting a lot of people, being made aware of various women’s issues in the workplace” – Trish Albino, Manager, Deloitte LLP   “Real, down to earth leaders speaking, showing their real selves” – Wendy Peterson, Manager, Deposit Services, Crossroads Credit Union (Vancouver 2015)