This event brings together participants from industry, Aboriginal communities and government for practical guidance to develop long-term partnerships.

The consultation landscape is changing dramatically. The Canadian Government is adopting the United Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Policies are being rewritten at every level of government and in every ministry. The Supreme Court is taking a greater stance in favour of Aboriginal, Indigenous, Métis and First Nations people. Changes are happening rapidly in consultation. Be part of the change and part of the discussion. Each person in government, industry and Aboriginal communities has the opportunity to share their expertise and help pave the way toward mutually beneficial consultation and relationship building. Attaining the skills and knowledge ahead of time can help achieve a successful consultation outcome. Building on the success of previous editions, CI Energy Group’s 10th Annual Western Aboriginal Consultation & Engagement Conference brings together diverse perspectives from Aboriginal communities, industry and government to discuss critical updates in policy as well as innovative ways to enhance your consultation practices.
  • Where will Alberta’s new provincial government take consultation policy and how will it impact current projects?
  • How is Western Canada’s energy sector becoming more diverse and where is there growth in a slow economy?
  • What are industry leaders doing to build meaningful relationships and how can you apply their experience to your business or community?
  • How can you ensure all business partners, stakeholders and community members are working collaboratively and progressively to manage the consultation process?
  • What are the key ingredients for successful Aboriginal-Industry business partnerships?
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