Interactive Roundtable (IRT) Depiction

CI Connect events boast a unique format, ensuring all participants interact directly with their peers through our Interactive Roundtable (IRT) format.
Participants are divided into designated groups, and each group visits every IRT table for a 40-minute discussion. Each IRT table is moderated by a subject-matter and industry expert.

Through this format, you will benefit from personalized introductions, tap into combined expertise among grouped peers, and strategize in an intimate group setting that ensures your learning objectives are met.

Interactive Roundtable Topics (IRT)

Garner insights from the experiences of leaders which can be integrated into an actionable plan for your organization. Moderated by a subject matter expert, participate in an informal, dynamic discussion with your counterparts. Each table will focus on one IRT discussion topic at a time:

  • Future-Proofing Your Workforce
  • Bio Solids
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Data-Based Process Improvement
  • Cost-Saving Strategies
  • Integrating New Technology