Effective Performance-Based Output Specifications for Transit Infrastructure Projects

April 26, 2017 4:30pm

Lawren Green
Vice President Finance and Development

Arsalan Zargar
EllisDon Capital

Rob Pattison
Senior Vice President, Light Rail Transit
Infrastructure Ontario

and additional panelists
  • How are performance-based specifications currently be used in infrastructure and public procurement? How and when are targets being defined?
  • When is it more appropriate to use performance versus prescriptive? Which provides better value and why?
  • How is risk being shared and what does moving from performance to prescriptive do to that risk transfer?
  • How are performance targets monitored and evaluated? What kind of evaluation methodology should be used? What is the impact on innovation?
  • How to maintain accountability
  • Proper drafting of performance requirements – scope and preparation of the draft and payment mechanisms