Transit infrastructure remains a top priority as governments look for ways to improve connectivity and ease road congestion. However, developing complex and costly transit lines requires enormous funding, and coordinated efforts amongst governments, transit agencies and project stakeholders. Attend The Canadian Institute’s 3rd Annual Delivering Urban Transit Infrastructure Conference and learn the status of on-going transit projects across Canada and plans for the next phase of development. Hear directly from owners and project companies to understand what is working and what obstacles still remain. This is one of your best opportunities to be in the same room with the project proponents and experts from the largest LRT projects currently underway in Canada. Gain insight into project expansions, specifics from bidders, expected construction timelines and the many hot-button issues impacting these complex mega-projects. Register now and benefit from the valuable lessons, challenges and successes of this rapidly expanding sector.

Venue Information at a Glance

Beanfield Centre (formerly Allstream Centre)

105 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3