Where does your current relationship fall on the spectrum?

What is your organization’s vision for the relationship at its best?

How do you get there?

In today’s rapidly changing, volatile economy, Canadian labour relations have become increasingly deadlocked. Conflicting priorities are growing due to disruptive global workplace trends, such as, an aging workforce, the rise in precarious work and non-standard employment. This has led to an increase in grievances filed, and points to a greater need for collaboration between unions and employers. A more cooperative approach can help organizations give workers the voice they need and enable them to remain engaged amidst global economic pressures. Along with offering practical case studies, best practices and interactive sessions, The Canadian Institute’s Union-Management Relationships Conference will provide a forum to promote discussion and collaboration around the critical issues affecting labour relations – and where unions and employers can partner to uncover workable solutions. Join a diverse faculty of speakers, including management and union representatives from sectors as diverse as aerospace, postal, media, academic, healthcare, education and many more, for an in-depth look at how to build successful, mutually beneficial relationships. We look forward to seeing you in January!


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