Sean Languedoc

Payload Technologies Inc.

SEAN  LANGUEDOC is CEOwith Payload Technologies Inc.. Sean is a provencompany-builder who has founded and led a number of successful technologycompanies serving industrial, enterprise and consumer clients. Sean’s focus onpeople and culture have helped him build highly inspired teams that deliverresults that matter for the business and each individual on the team. With thePayload team, Sean’s goal is to help traditional industries, like oil and gas,be more competitive by using modern technologies. As Entrepreneur in Residenceat Werklund Capital, Sean worked closely with founder David Werklund toincubate the idea for a game changing logistics software for oil and gas,Payload. Before Sean began bringing the team together, he spent several monthsresearching the idea with industry experts, producers, operators and serviceproviders at all levels. His mission was to understand and validate theproblems associated with current logistics processes in the oilfield. He wassurprised to find the industry still uses paper based tracking system, haslittle transparency in procurement and how challenging current enterprisesoftware is for users in the field. Based on these pains and the downturncreating a willingness to change, Sean assembled a team that could build anelegant solution that is easy to use. Prior to Payload, Sean brought changesand new technology to other traditional industries. He founded a platform thatchanged how data from enterprise advertising software was managed and used formedia buying.  Then he turned aroundanother online, social media company for a profitable exit within six months.While Sean has been dedicated to building the businesses he’s involved with, heis also passionate about supporting other entrepreneurs. He’s a member of theA100, Alberta’s community of seasoned tech leaders, and is currently a boardmember. In 1999 he was Head of Sponsorship Sales for the successful Vancouver2010 Olympic Bid. This was a fitting role for Sean, who has a passion formountain sports and the outdoors. He is an avid skier, paddler and cyclist.