Rick Filipovic

General Manager
TESCO Manufacturing Facility

RICK  FILIPOVIC is General Manager of TESCO Corporation’sManufacturing Facility. TESCO Corporation is a global leader in the design,manufacture and service of technology-based solutions for the upstream energyindustry. Rick is a results and performance-driven leader that utilizes projectmanagement and lean manufacturing principles to implement innovative andinspired solutions. At TESCO Rick has been streamlining processes to increaseoperational efficiency, develop growth, revenue and profitability. Rick has anextensive and diverse experience base in both private and public sectors. As abusiness owner he operated as an international defense contractor supplyinghighly specialized equipment to various government institutions. As a projectmanager he led multi-million dollar construction projects in various energy andutility industries. Regardless of the role, functional capacity or industryRick has learned that the Supply Chain can make or break any organization orproject. Striking the delicate balance between various global strategicinitiatives that involve parts engineering, manufacturing, shipping, inventorystorage, quality control/assurance & sales is critical to the success ofevery organization.