Madhukar Kaushik

Senior Manager Procurement
SNC Lavalin Inc.

MADHUKAR  KAUSHIK is SeniorManager, Procurement with SNC LavalinInc.. Madhukar Kaushik is a seasoned global procurement and contracts professional with more than 24years of experience in executing multi Billion $ projects in Canada (Alberta),North America, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. He is currentlyemployed as Senior Procurement Manager/ Director in Oil & Gas division ofSNC-Lavalin, Calgary.  Mr. Kaushik isresponsible for corporate procurement initiatives besides supporting keyprojects executed out of SNC-Lavalin, Calgary. In past, he has held procurementand contracting leadership position on projects worth more than 10 Billion$.  He has extensive experience inimplementing Strategic Sourcing & category management program on globalbasis for Multi-Billion $ Global Corporations. As part of his previousresponsibilities, he held overall functional responsibility of supply chainhubs in China, India & Poland to develop sustainable low cost countrysourcing. Mr. Kaushik is a well known supply chain professional among thenetwork of key global suppliers across the continents and maintains closeconnections with management of several top global machinery suppliers andfabricators. In Canada, he has lead Supply Chain initiatives for some of thehigh capacity SAGD plants and other upstream projects involving Froth treatmentextraction process.. He has worked on mega projects in Oil & Gas,Petrochemical, Metallurgy and Syngas industry. He has managed supply chains onOil and Gas on Upstream, Downstream and mid stream projects. Madhukar Kaushikhas a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineer followed by a Master’s degree inIndustrial Engineering. He started his career as a mechanical equipment designengineer and moved to the area of Supply chain due to his passion forIndustrial Engineering (Supply Chain Management). Mr. Kaushik is a strongpromoter of value chain engineering and optimization of supply chains in Oil& Gas industry. He considers Integrity, ethical behavior and fairness askey pillars of sustaining and maintaining robust supply chains. He has workedand led multicultural global teams, from North America, Asia and Europe, withgreat ease and adaptability. Madhukar has lived in three continents and canconverse in three languages.