Designed in collaboration with accomplished and respected supply chain leaders, Supply Chain Excellence in Manufacturing is the only interactive, peer centric round table event for the sector.

Unlike other conferences, with the traditional one-way conversation between presenter and delegate, you will leave this event with actionable takeaways developed through a day of thought-provoking and real conversations on shared pain points and opportunities

The day will include speakers and panels, but you will also participate in six interactive roundtable (IRT) discussions that ensures you and every attendee has the opportunity to collaborate directly with their peers, and roundtable discussion moderators who are leaders in the supply chain sector across industries.

Interactive Roundtable (IRT) Topics include:

  • How Building Cross Functional Leadership Can Drive Efficiency in your Supply Chain
  • Driving Autonomy within your organization to accelerate Supply Chain Excellence
  • Exploring the Impact of Cloud Computing on the Supply Chain
  • Strategies for Effectively Introducing New Technology into Your Supply Chain
  • Innovating for Operational Excellence: Cross-sector Strategies and Best Practices in the Supply Chain
  • Exploring Effective Methods of Supply Chain Talent Development and Retention


Speakers include:


Dave Malenfant
Director, Center for Supply Chain Innovation
Texas Christian University  

Darrell Edwards
Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer


James Biro
Vice President, Supply Chain
Perfetti Van Melle

Alexander Eksir
Vice President, Quality and Mission Success
Lockheed Martin 

Sergio Vianna
Sr. Director, IT Supply Chain Solutions
Corporativo Bimbo


Derrick Register
Vice President, Manufacturing Area Lead


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